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Ring Size Adjuster (12pcs)
Ring Size Adjuster (12pcs)
Ring Size Adjuster (12pcs)
Ring Size Adjuster (12pcs)
Ring Size Adjuster (12pcs)

Ring Size Adjuster (12pcs)

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We've all been there before... Ordered some rings online, and when they arrive, its waaaay too big to wear! What a waste!

Or maybe, you're out shopping and you see a ring you really love, and you try it on... too big, no different sizes.. what a bummer!

Well, not anymore!

These Ring size adjusters are perfect for reducing your ring size; They are waterproof and soft, meaning its super comfortable and you can wash your hands or do sports while wearing your rings!

It is also used to secure a ring in place even if it fits okay. Designed to be extremely easy to use, it can be fitted on any ring in less than 1 minute.

Made in the USA! First seen on TV in the USA!

Main Features:

  • MULTIPURPOSE - This small device is extremely useful as it resolves many issues such as: losing rings, oversize rings and even combining multiple thin rings in one single piece. You are stressed out before your wedding and you've lost weight, your engagement ring is loose and you are worried you'll lose it? Don't worry about that, this Ring Size Adjuster is specifically designed to secure your rings.

  • SAFE FOR YOUR RINGS - The silicone ring adjuster resolves the sizing issue without damaging the ring, some rings cannot be resized in a traditional way by a jeweller as this procedure may damage the gemstones and also distort the original beauty of the ring, so the ultimate solution here is a RING SIZE ADJUSTER. It will resize your ring safely and keep it beautiful, just as it was when you bought it!

  • INVISIBLE AND DISCRETE - Your new ring adjusters are completely see-through and leave no doubt about visibility, however it is there accomplishing its mission. No one will notice the ring adjuster is there, unless you point your finger at it. It also is made from memory material and will not get loose on your ring or stretch out, it will always keep it's initial form.

Package includes:

  • 12pcs x Ring Adjusters

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