Handmade Controlled Chaos Bracelet

Handmade Controlled Chaos Bracelet

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Handmade Controlled Chaos Bracelet

A beautiful example of a bracelet. The Handmade Controlled Chaos Bracelet is simply stunning/

Pure flawless Bracelets craftsmanship, an item that completes that special outfit.

We All Have Amazing Opportunities Lying Dormant Within Us
Wear Controlled Chaos And Feel Empowered Throughout Your Day. 

Be bold in the beautiful mess of life. Climb up the ladder and gaze upon the Controlled Chaos in the Yin Yang that exists on a daily basis.

Find your majesty in the mess with completely controlled chaos within your gasp and wrapped around your wrist.

AGATE: Brings about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. The energies of Agate will calm, elevate, and uplift you. 

JASPER: Relieves stress emoting relations and emotional healing. Jasper is known as the health and Passion stone.


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